Downstream Digital Solutions

‘fifthnote’ team along with our partners from the Oil & Gas Industry in USA, have been working on a creating a singular platform that acts as a gateway for transacting with a majority of Gas pipelines across the country. Using Microsoft off-the- shelf products such as Microsoft BizTalk and proprietary code, we have successfully integrated this platform with all the major pipelines in US.


Revenue Collections

With shrinking margins within the healthcare industry in US, the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow is key for survival. A collaboration with ‘fifthnote’ has resulted in an automated workflow tool which helps manage bulk of healthcare insurance claims processing work. We have been able to seamlessl bring in data from leading healthcare providers in US withtransactions well over 1 billion USD while increasing productivity and bringing in real-time visibility


Order Management

A simple order management app to manage business processes from small businesses to large enterprises.


Weather App

A dynamic mobile/tablet app which provides real-time weather data for both land and sea along with animated weather predictions.


Dachee Information Management Tool

An information management tool to stay on top of enterprise’s data providing both discovery and redundancy


Production Management

A template-based production management enterprise solution with the ability to track progress in real-time.

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