business process automation

Visionary enterprises build optimization alongside scale. Optimization realizes bottom line revenue where scale enhances top line revenue. However, scale can only be achieved if it optimization is built into the fabric of your enterprise. So, it won’t be wrong to say that optimization helps scale. ‘fifthnote’ experts help create and execute digital strategies that bring in such optimizations by re-engineering existing business processes, identifying possible integrations between different cross functions, implementing automation and finally providing visibility to decisions makers.


cloud migration

A growing enterprise today is faced today with increasingly dynamic market conditions. From political uncertainties to fast changing customer needs, adaptation at an enterprise level is necessary for survival. Since in today’s day and age, IT systems form the backbone of any enterprise and are tightly integrated into their operational fabric, it is imperative that the infrastructure can also keep up with the pace this change. With the advent of cloud technology offering SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) businesses can not only save costs on IT infrastructure but can also benefit from inherent characteristics like elasticity, redundancy and security. Our experts at ‘fifthnote’ can help you create a migration strategy along with DR (disaster recovery) and help execute it as well.


application support and maintenance

IT infrastructure today forms the backbone of any enterprise. Tightly coupled IT systems not only manage day to day flow of information but also help predict potential scenarios that otherwise could be difficult to see. With the fast-changing pace of the world technology must keep up. Mobility today is more important than ever before and determines how we communicate and do business. In such an environment, an enterprise’s IT systems need constant upgrades so that it can evolve organically along with the business. Whether it’s enhancing the feature set of an existing legacy application or managing a backlog of defects, whether is writing custom reports or creating dynamic dashboards; ‘fifthnote’ can house a dedicated team of engineers to suit your needs.

analyse strategise execute

Our standard team of problem solvers is a combination of ‘UI/UX’, ‘QA’, ‘Development’ and a ‘Process Manager’. A process manager ensures that all processes required for an efficient ‘DevOps’ environment are followed. This ensures a smooth yet evolutionary product development journey. This agile way of building products allows us the flexibility to pivot along with our partners while they are determining the right product-market fit.

We bake QA into our overall product development process. For most initiatives we have seen ‘QA’ coming at the end of a product development phase. We try to tackle this problem by baking ‘QA’ into every phase of product development. Hence, ‘QA’ does not actually come last but comes first in our development cycle making it everyone’s responsibility and not just a select few.

our methodologies
  • SCRUM (Agile Methodology)
  • Microservices
  • TDD (Test driven development)
  • Lean product development
  • Service layered architecture
  • DevOps

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