With shrinking margins within the healthcare industry in US, the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow is integral to their survival. In an industry where Insurance companies have a dominating stance, it seems obvious that there needs to be a full workflow around managing A/R (account receivables) for a healthcare provider. It's this need to achieve a healthy and reasonably short A/R cycle that facilitates hiring of RCM specialists (Revenue Cycle Management Specialists).

our solution

‘fifthnote’ team has written a workflow tool named EIQ that allows such a RCM company - Ensemble - to manage their healthcare insurance claims processing work. The project was to replace a legacy system with a new age technology platform primarily to increase overall capacity and productivity. Since the implementation of the new software, we have been able to seamlessly bring in data from 10 leading healthcare providers in US with transactions well over 50 million USD. In addition to this, the platform also integrates with insurance companies to give real time visibility of individual claims in their processing life cycle. It also provides the ability to track real-time progress metrics to improve productivity for the RCM companies. Written in the latest .NET stack, the new software is fully compliant and secure. It's only a matter of time before EIQ becomes an industry standard for such work.

technology stack

methodology stack

  • SCRUM (Agile Methodology)
  • TDD (Test driven development)
  • Service layered architecture
  • DevOps

technology stack

  • MVC using C#
  • MS SQL Server/SSIS
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Telerik
  • TFS using Git (Source control)
  • TFS for SCRUM (User stories and defects management)
  • TFS (Continuous Builds & Automated Deployments)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

infrastructure stack

  • VMWare

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