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Creativity manifests in interesting forms and those involved in this process can describe the joys of this ‘journey’. A mandatory and integral part of this entire process is the transition of concept to reality. Metaphorically, while being on a musical composition journey, this transition needs a ‘fifth note’; a conduit or medium to transition from one scale to the other. That is what creates a melody and lays the foundation of an evergreen symphony. We yearn to cause such manifestations.


In the world of technology, creativity manifests in the form of new technical products. A design so elegant that it acts as a solution to real world problems. It thrives on simplicity and reliability, evolving as it matures through time. Our team at ‘the fifth note’ plays a similar role to that transitionary ‘fifth note’; acting as a conduit to turn innovative concepts into real world technical products. We attach ourselves as a technical arm to visionary companies all around the world in an effort join this creative journey.

We specialize in putting together innovative teams who act as problem solvers (contributors/challenges) and dedicatedly work on creating these visionary products using the latest of technologies. Hence, the aim here is not to deliver short term projects but to build long term teams who stay on through the lifetime of this creative journey.

Being passionate about simplification and automation, Ketan brings on board the ability to identify areas of improvement in a business environment and automate them using technology. He also loves to formulate teams that can collectively achieve greater feats. In other words, he is the conductor of this orchestra called 'fifthnote'.

Ketan SharmaCEO

Good design is omnipresent; as if it does not exist, yet is an integral part of our daily lives. Shagun always aspires to contribute towards good designs and is keen on exploring her limits. An important but subtle part of the band, a melodious 'bass' guitar is the most suitable comparison.

Shagun BawaSr. Product Designer

With a decade of diverse experience in problem solving through design oriented solutions, Abhishek's contribution at fifthnote is very integral to the offering of company's vision of being "growth partners". As a business consultant, he works directly with analysts to understand how a problem can be solved in most efficient way. He also plays percussion in our jamming sessions and helps keep the rhythm in check!

Abhishek GargBusiness Advisor

A well thought out sequence of events is what gives a show an evolutionary effect. Such an evolutionary effect is what makes a performance 'grow on you'. Manish is the guy who makes it all happen.

Manish MauryaDirector
  • quality
  • product
  • assurance

product dev and quality assurance goes hand in hand

We bake QA into our overall product development process. For most initiatives we have seen QA coming at the end of a product development phase. This approach sometimes misleads product developers into believing that QA is not their responsibility and is the ‘testers’ job.This mindset not only delays the overall delivery but also leads to poor quality.

At fifthnote, QA does not actually come last but comes first in our development cycle making it everyone’s responsibility and not just a select few.

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