learning exchange

For us, working at fifthnote is a learning exchange program for both the individual and the company. Most of the time we relate with our careers as just an exchange of skills for money, but over the time we have realised that the real currency is not just what is getting exchanged but what is being shared.

fifthnote has grown over the years because of it’s team imparting, sharing knowledge with the organisation, the team and collectively learning new things to solve complex problems. Every week we organise group sessions where we talk about what as an individual and as a group have we learnt in the past week.

We all identify with a ‘purpose’ of coming up with innovative solutions to unique business problems and over time we’ve managed to accumulate such like mindedness under one roof. We simply get together to have fun and that forms the basis of our company culture. We treat the making of a cup of coffee with the same intent as we treat working on an enterprise solution – with ‘diligence’ and ‘conviviality’.

research oriented
work culture

It’s imperative that we keep up with the fast-changing pace of technology. With hardware getting cheaper and technology tightly coupling with the business fabric, new innovations quickly overtake the existing. Research and development for us is more like a lab where it is ok to experiment and learn from our failures. After all, who has ever learnt from successes. Our labs allow us to work on mock projects where we try and simulate complex business environments to prepare ourselves for the real thing.

Our recent experiments led us to learn more about SCRUM, IoT, blockchain framework, BOTS and Cloud platform. These internal R&D projects are now so intertwined with our day-to- day work that it’s hard to differentiate between the two. One interesting thing that we work towards while working on these R&D projects is that they all keep the ‘problem’ at its core and not the ‘technology’. This helps us learn as to how to choose the most suitable technology available to fabricate a ‘solution’ rather than working within the constraints of a ‘familiar’ technology. This approach keeps us ‘technology independent’ and ‘solution driven’.

quality comes with care

Here are few benefits that you get while working with us

Paid leaves each yearPaid medical leaves, vacation leaves, maternity and marriage leaves too

Flexible working hoursCheck-in anytime you feel comfortable Work from home options too

Paid learning supportLearn a skill, tech or non-tech, online or offline, It’s on us!

Free meals for night shiftersWe have an inhouse pantry too for your unlimited beverages and snacks

Referral bonusWe reward you, if you help us find another brilliant mind like yours

Weekly team outingsOnce a week we go out for a trek, or any sport or just play a game