Cloud migration is inevitable, given to the increasing awareness of its multiple benefits for increasing the profitability and efficiency of an enterprise. Regardless of which cloud computing model is used – private, public, hybrid or the mix of two or more of these models, about two thirds of the current tech industry is now using […]

The Applicability Of Blockchain In The Hospitality Sector Blockchain is one of the most ingenious technologies of recent times, and despite being relatively new, it has a huge potential to change the way transactions happen these days. According to international reports, the total worth of the currency present in blockchains is close to US $9 […]

Cloud computing is the next big tech revolution just like the internet itself. Also Gartner’s predictions states that this tech hype is here to stay and by the year 2020, there would be no looking back to the “no-cloud” policy. According to Gartner’s predictions, almost 30 percent of the 100 largest vendors will invest in […]

Why is Automation the Future of Healthcare? Automation is moving the needle of efficiency in the healthcare sector and simplifying processes in general. Individual medical practices and large hospitals that embrace process automation are able to cut costs, save time, improve processes and increase patient satisfaction. In the healthcare industry, the need to cut costs […]

Blockchain, the technology that runs cryptocurrency of any and all kinds, sounds more fascinating than the virtual money it drives. Blockchain is decentralized, encrypted, and immutable. The term was once synonymous with Bitcoin, but that was before tech aficionados started wondering if there are more ways in which it can be utilized. Without getting into […]